Faculty Development Program


Institute - Technology Institute(IT stream) - Faculty Development Program

Training/ Teaching/ Educating is a big responsibility and needs skilled people to do that!

Faculty Development Program focuses on developing Educators professionally. It will groom faculty for software skills & communication skills (Technology Institutes) and Business Management skills (Management Institutes) to provide solutions to reach improved standards.

With ever changing technologies, the teachers/trainers/educators are expected to possess Software skills, Soft skills, Communication Skills, Behavioral skills along with respective hard skills. Keeping this in mind, we have designed an organized approach to the Development Program.

We enable Faculties in the following areas:

  • Faculties in Technology Institutes (IT)
  • Faculties in Technology Institutes (Non -IT)
  • Faculties in Management Institutes

Our offerings:

Engineering (IT) Faculties - Software skills, Behavioral skills

Non-IT / Management Faculties - Behavioral skills