management institute


management institute

?Target Audience

The institutes which offer Business/Management Programs:

  • The institutes offering mainstream programs such as MBA
  • Other institutes offering any undergraduate/postgraduate/diploma program for the students who have an aptitude and interest to explore a business/management career in any company in any industry sector

To perform any role effectively and efficiently, you need a strong blend of hard skills and soft skills (e.g. For Proposal Writer, content harvesting is a hard skill and business writing is a soft skill). WinPoint believes in Role-based Competency Development where we focus on the niche areas of Marketing and Operations Management for development of hard skill (i.e. Function and Role based skills).

Since the Management aspirants are quite busy with their regular academic activities, the Management Institutes should just focus on the development of key professional skills of their students (for their stage in the career life-cycle) in alignment to corporate expectations. Given the evaluation process requirements of different companies, Management Institutes are advised to focus on the following: