Individual - Working Professionals


Individual - Working Professionals

The learning is a continuous process throughout career life-cycle so you should persist with the same even during a professional life. To perform any role effectively and efficiently, you need a strong blend of hard skills and soft skills. We focus on Role based Competency Development that is enabled by our Competency Framework through implementation of Learning Intervention.

Our Competency Framework (designed for Software Skills and Behavioral Skills) separates out the skill areas for freshers from the ones for experienced professionals as corporate expectations will be different from these two entities. The areas of development for experienced professionals are also thoughtfully structured and mapped to different career stages. The objective is to fulfill the performance demands of respective organizational levels through learning & development of key skills identified for that level.

We are on a mission to serve the industry by developing skilled people, keeping in mind the specific competencies required to perform 'Day-in-Life' activities for different roles. Our competency architecture provides the working professionals (including freshers and experienced professionals) with a programmatic approach for sustained career skill development.

The venue for our corporate trainings/workshops could be:

  1. WinPoint Training Center
  2. Hotel

Target Audience

This segment includes freshers & experienced professionals divided into 4 groups depending on their level of experience:

  • Freshers (0 - 1 year)
  • Associate (1 - 5 years)
  • Executive (5 ? 10 years)
  • Leaders (10+ years)

The Training Portfolios designed for Working Professionals: