Writing Skills



  • The Writing Process – Writing Well in Six Steps
  • Explore Ideas
  • Prewrite
  • Organize
  • Write a First Draft
  • Revise the Draft
  • Produce the Final Copy
  • Planning & Drafting a Paragraph
  • Revising and Editing a Paragraph
  • Planning and Drafting an Essay
  • Writing Narration
  • Writing about Causes and Effects


  • Develop an awareness of the Writing Process – a Six Steps Approach
  • Boost skill to Discover and Organize your Thoughts, to Write them down, and to Rewrite and Revise them so that they achieve your Goals
  • Create an ability to apply the Writing Process for composing Paragraphs and Essays and for Revising and Editing the same
Course Name Writing Skills
Objective Develop skill to write for many different Purposes and Audiences in an Interesting, Direct , and Clear way.
Training Methodologies PowerPoint Presentations, Conceptual Discussion, Exercises and Assignments, Interactive Activities
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge of English Language and Grammatical concepts is recommended.
Target Audience People who have developed a foundation of the Sentence Construction & Delivery, but who have challenges in expressing their Written Ideas & Thoughts Logically and Engagingly.
Duration 16 Hours
Assessment Participants’ Feedback, Written Assessment & Feedback, Certificate to those, who would fulfill all Requirements of the Course
Venue WinPoint, Pune (Classroom + Online)