Oral Communication



  • Development of Thoughts and Ideas
  • Oral Communication Process & its Roadblocks
  • The 7 Cs and their Impact on the Oral Communication
  • Planning & Structuring the Communication
  • Clear and Coherent Thinking leading to Articulate Conversation
  • Asking Effective Questions for Effective Responses
  • Effective Application of Idioms and Context-Specific Words
  • Preparing for Last-Minute Opportunities


  • Competence to Articulate Confidently and Fluently for conveying Ideas, Thoughts, or Feelings about Different Subjects to Different Audiences for Different Purposes
  • Ability for Context-Specific and Clear Thinking
  • Skill to Engage audience by taking responsibility for ‘What You Speak About’ & ‘How You Speak It’
  • Develop expertise in Impromptu Speaking
Course Name Oral Communication
Objective Develop skill to express Views and Opinions by getting Messages across to others Clearly and Logically.
Training Methodologies PowerPoint Presentations, Conceptual Discussion, Exercises and Assignments, Interactive Activities, Role Plays
Pre-requisites Basic knowledge of English Language and Grammatical concepts is recommended.
Target Audience People who have developed a foundation of the Sentence Construction & Delivery, but who are experiencing challenges with Extended Oral Communication spanning Longer Duration in Planned and Impromptu situations.
Duration 24 Hours
Assessment Participants’ Feedback, Written Assessment & Feedback, Certificate to those, who would fulfill all Requirements of the Course.
Venue WinPoint, Pune (Classroom + Online)